Fabric-type (combination) Window Roller Blinds

Products according to the type of fabric and jacquard pattern
Wood look
100% polyester
100% polyester
100% polyester
100% polyester
Fox/Blackout function
100% polyester
100% polyester
Thor/Blackout function
100% polyester
Select color
Advantages of combi blinds
  1. Self-installation possible
  2. Blackout function
  3. Flame-retardant fabric
  4. Privacy
  5. Fabric blinds
  6. Easy to control light
  7. It looks pretty because of being seen as a double layer when the product is raised and lowered
  8. Luxurious, with most operating handles lined up
Disadvantages of combi blinds
  1. Since it is a fabric material, it is difficult to clean with a wet cloth, so when there is contamination, you need to quickly remove a small amount with a wet tissue.
  2. Regular maintenance is required to shake off the dust.


  1. The mesh strand is weak and can be easily torn by being scratched by nails.
  2. For the living room window, there is a risk that the net may be damaged due to frequent entry and exit of the veranda.