LED lighting

Product Family
High ceiling lights
Parking light
Sensor light 12W
LED lighting fixture 60W
Luminous tiles
LED safety sunlight 6W
Others, industrial lights, street lights, square floodlights, explosion-proof lights, fluorescent lights, flat panel lights
  1. Reduced electricity bills due to low power consumption (up to 1/5 of incandescent light consumption)
  2. Excellent durability and long life (up to 50 times the incandescent lamp)
  3. Fast on/off speed (2 million times that of incandescent light bulbs)
  4. Does not contain hazardous substances such as mercury lamps
  5. Implementation of various colors and sophisticated and diverse designs
  1. Higher price compared to other light sources
  2. Glare due to high luminance (degree of brightness per unit area of light source)
  3. High light straightness (it gets dark sooner if it is slightly off center)